Oscar Micaelsson

Born in October 1990 in Göteborg, Oscar Micaelsson studied in his Royal Danish Academy of Music in
Copenhagen. His mentor is Deborah Wood. He received tuition under prof. Jay Gottlieb, Dr. Naji
Hakim in Paris, specialists in contemporary music and improvisation. Besides playing classical and
contemporary piano music, Oscar Micaelsson is also active in the fields of jazz and improvisation, he is
an organist, and he is a composer and a teacher. In his writings about music he has concentrated on
aspects of jazz, contemporary music and the classical tradition. He has written several texts and
lectures about ‘The aspects of jazz, contemporary music and classical tradition’ and has a book coming
up under the subject.

Here are major achievements in solo career:
2016, First recital in Russia. Mariinsky theatre St. Petersburg. 2016, Guest pianist audition Pittsburgh
New Music Ensemble. 2016, Modern Monday. Brask, Berg, Jørgensen. Danish modernism. 2015,
Portugal. Casa di musica.
2012-2013, Tivoli Summer Festival. Works by Conlon Nancarrow and Stravinsky and Beethoven
spiano sonatas.
2012, Final concert of Wundergrund Festival 2012 by SNYK DK the organization for Contemporary
and experimental music, Copenhagen.
2011, Liszt recital. 2011. A collaboration with Finland in ‘Young Nordic Music festival’2010 Chopin
Recital. 2009-2011, ‘PULSAR’ - a festival of Contemporary Music, Copenhagen. Major Danish
contemporary composers recitals.

Soloist with orchestras:
2016, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Magnus Fryklund. 2013, Gunnar Berg, piano
concerto “Frise” for piano and chamber orchestra in Konzerthaus Vienna ’100 Jahre Österreichischer
Komponistenbund with European Contemporary Composers Orchestra (ECCO). 2013, later, same
conductor invited him to for Gwangju Symphony Orchestras concert series to perform Stravinsky’s
Piano Concerto. 2012, Conducted and performed as soloist in a celebration concert at the Town Hall
square in Copenhagen. Mozart and Gershwin. 2012, Oscar performed as soloist in ‘John Cages Piano
Concerto for Prepared piano and Chamber Orchestra’ with the Pulsar Sinfonietta under conductor
Jean Thorel.

Major employers and ensembles:

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble.
Two years of trial and recently appointed pianist for the coming season of 2018.

Copenhagen Opera Festival:
2014, FAUST (Gounod) 2015, La Traviata. 2017-2018, Pagliacci. 

2017. Tour with the crossover ensemble Symphoniacs, Universal Music Deutschland,
Polydor records under direction of Andy Lutschounig. The project had the first CD released In
October 21 and its first tour in Austria, Switzerland and Germany in May. Presented by Live Nation. It
has had numerous of appearances in the German speaking countries television, in the major networks
ARD, ZDF and others. symphoniacs.com for further reference.


Member of the contemporary percussion ensemble, Ekkozone. Founded by prizewinning percussionist Mathias Reumert. The group performs has made a number of Danish premiers of the music by Steve Reich, and other contemporary equals. They have been performing in

major concert halls in Denmark, Tivoli concert hall, The Black Diamond, Odense and Jazzhouse. The
group has in 2016 been representing Denmark in Classical:Next in Holland. ekkozone.dk
2016. 10th June. Steve Reich. Music for 18 musicians. The black diamond. Cph. Ekkozone. Reich.
Feldman. Distortion festival Copenhagen. Rotterdam, Holland. Classical:NEXT. 2015, Berio, Messiaen
and Reich. Jazzhouse. 2014. Jazzhouse double sextet.

/Oscar Micaelsson